The Step by Step System For Launching Your First or Next Digital Program Your Way... Profitably.

What People Are Saying About Launch It and Profit

"Before Launch It And Profit I had a successful group program off-line... but now i offer it online and make way more money, too!"

Launch It and Profit helped me take my Community Dump program online, and it was a TOTAL LIFESAVER.


At the time I knew there were technical things I needed to get it launched. But I had no idea HOW MUCH was needed. From membership sites, to Screenflow, to Affiliate programs.

The first time I launched following the steps in Launch It and Profit, it was successful, though I found it a bit overwhelming. The second time it all felt right into place.

I couldn’t have it done without the support of our Launch It and Profit group. We became so close that many of us met in person at Off The Charts Live, so we could keep in touch and continue to support one another.

I’ve made some lifetime friendships from that group, and we continue to grow and launch new programs.

During the program, I got comfortable with raising my prices, and I almost tripled the price I used to charge thanks to the support of the group who knew that I had something really special.


With my first online launch I used affiliates for the first time - something I had never even CONSIDERED before joining Launch It and Profit. They didn’t make a HUGE DIFFERENCE the first time, but I learned a lot and knew better for the second online launch. Now they are invaluable.

I went from an average of 25-30 people signing up, to 54 then 72 in my last launch. My goal is now to get over 100 people doing my Community Dump, and I would never have dreamed of having this goal before this program!

My marketing plan has completely changed. I’ve learned how to TALK to my mailing list. And I’ve learned how to use my communication with my readers that provides value, isn’t “all sales”, but is effective at “getting sales”.

The income this program brings in now compared to before is SIGNIFICANT.

I used to make approximately $1500 from a launch. The last one was $12000 in profit.

The best part about all of this? I can take it and apply it to ANYTHING I want to do. I can use the formula and what I’ve learned and launch many more programs. I also feel like I can finally turn to my husband and show him its worth my spare time - and very soon BE my full-time gig.

Working with Nathalie was an incredible experience for me. I already had a successful program going, but never did I think it would get THIS BIG! I had no idea.

With my program’s potential, my passion and hard work, and Nathalie’s wisdom... I know it’s only beginning.

Reviews & Case Studies

What people are saying about Nathalie, her launch consulting, and Launch It and Profit:

“Nathalie Is A Natural Leader”

Nathalie is such a natural leader, and she’s committed to always bringing her best to everything she does. Nathalie’s ability to answer tough technical questions when it comes to launches, web sites, and analytics is remarkable.

Nathalie was a guest lecturer for our B-school program, where she taught students how create their own web sites, set up an email list, and track their results. She went above and beyond to take care of our students by answering questions, and making sure everyone was taken care of. The feedback we got about Nathalie’s training is that she makes online business and technology easy and doable.

Nathalie knows her stuff, and I’m happy to have her as a guest teacher and trainer.

Marie Forleo,

“Bottom line? I doubled my list in a month plus I sold out my course!”

I can’t thank you enough! Nathalie’s course helped me on so many levels. In the past, I would simply start selling (and blindly hoping for the best) a few weeks before my course was to start. But this time? Your videos walked me through the process and helped me figure out what my next steps were. Your explanations of the various software that’s out there for squeeze/sales pages was incredibly insightful and made it all understandable. I was able to move forward with a clear mind, a practical and doable schedule and get results.

Share Ross,

“Hands down this is THE BEST online program I’ve ever invested in.”

I’ve enrolled in a variety of online marketing, list building, and launch courses in the past and although I’ve gleaned a lot of valuable information, I often feel like the same key points are being circulated and I’m missing (and needing!) personalized feedback on what I’m doing wrong/can do better. What intrigued me about Launch It & Profit was the amount of access I would have with Nathalie both in the online community and during our Q and A sessions. And just as I hoped, Nathalie was super helpful in helping me figure out how I can strengthen my future launches.

While I learned oodles in each of the modules, for Nathalie is a masterful educator, I most appreciated Nathalie’s detailed feedback during the launch/sales page reviews. Her ability to make recommendations that support your individual voice, work, and mission is extraordinary.

Hands down this is THE BEST online program I’ve ever invested in.

Alexia Vernon,

“I’ve taken soooo many courses, and was hesitant to invest in another one…”

But I hadn’t taken anything specifically related to launching so I was looking at learning this particular aspect of marketing. I’m so glad that I joined your course!

I loved the live calls, I think that’s what really sealed the deal for me because sometimes I have such specific questions and I feel like my “niche” in terms of intuition can feel so super specific that I wanted to make sure I can have support with my particular area of business. Plus I always learn so much from hearing everyone else’s questions.

The content is fantastic. You have such a great way of explaining things, giving real world examples and making it relevant. I also liked the whole technical breakdown and all the various elements of the launch.

The live sales page reviews were awesome, too!

Christina Ambubuyog,

“Though you haven’t asked for a rating, I would give Launch It and Profit 5 stars hands down.”

I had been part of several high end online programs and was aware that I didn’t always come away satisfied with what I had learned. I really didn’t want to take anymore courses – both from an expense point of view as well as my time – so the only real hesitation was whether I would really gain what I needed from it.

Nathalie has a real ability to focus in on what is needed and get it across in a way that is so refreshing and clear. That was the best thing about Launch It and Profit. The members area was really easy navigate and the fact that each module was supported by video as well as text was excellent.

You produce very clear click by click videos and it’s just what’s needed to get results. And that is the magic of what you do in this program!

Before signing up, I could see that your support for people in your program is something that you take seriously, and you delivered!

Maeri Howard,

“I was about to embark on launching my first online program and Launch It & Profit came at the perfect time”

The technical guidance that Nathalie offers is amazing. There are so many steps and programs that you can use to launch a program, that it can get overwhelming. By watching her step-by-step videos that covered various platforms and needs, I felt like I had a helping hand every step of the way.

Launching a program is not an easy thing. If you want to get amazing guidance and also get the support of other like-minded business professionals taking part in LIP as well, this is the program for you. It’s so important to not take on everything on your own. Make sure to take full advantage of the resources offered in this program and you’ll be well on your way to launching a successful program. The great part is that after the first time, you will learn what works/doesn’t work and it will get easier and easier.

Tina Paymaster,

“This is one of the most useful programs I have ever purchased!”

I’m a super visual learner and I was thrilled that Nathalie used videos to teach! This allowed me to understand the “how to part” (really relevant when it comes to the tech part) in a very clear way. I love that she covered so much too – sales pages, necessary plug ins, different systems, and membership sites. The bonuses and live webinars made this a hefty and valuable resource that was worth way more than the price tag. And the best part? I can go back again and again to watch the videos as I need or add more things to my site!

I would absolutely recommend Nathalie’s programs to any business owner trying to grow their online business. Nathalie knows her stuff, she talks in a manner that is easy to follow and the videos are extremely detailed without being time consuming! This is one of the most useful programs I have ever purchased.

Theresa Reed,

“It was worth ten times the investment.”

Technology makes my brain hurt. I often refer to myself as a “tech-idiot” and it has been a huge barrier in my business that is not only costing me money, but taking away from the people that could use the kind of product I’m creating.

I have wanted to create a product for months and now I am! Nathalie’s program has completely taken the pain and guessing out of launching my product and has made my life so much easier. It is packed with value and best of all, I get to save thousands by not having to hire everything out.

This is my very first product and Nathalie makes this process easy to follow. Not only does she cover the tech side of things, but everything else that goes along with launching. I found myself thinking several times, “I would have never thought of that!!”

Without this program, I would still be putting off creating my product that I know is going to change lives and grow my business. It was worth ten times the investment.

Karie Hill,

“Nathalie made it so easy!”

After many failed and semi-successful launches I knew that I needed to learn what I was doing wrong! Nathalie’s Launch It & Profit program not only showed me why my past launches failed to prosper but taught me exactly what I needed to do to turn it around.

I’m a “state-the-obvious” type of writer and I never thought that I would be able to learn how to engage my subscribers and create buzz about an upcoming launch but Nathalie made it so easy!

After completing Launch It & Profit I’ve created launch plans with ease, written sales copy with confidence and seen a huge increase in both engagement and profits!

Naomi Goodlet,

“My goal for my first launch was to get 100 people, I got 130 people!”

I was able to quickly determine my level of comfort with technology, and what I wanted to achieve for my first launch. Your vids are so clear cut and flexible. I just needed to decide which systems were appropriate for me, and follow your tutorials from there.

I am launching my next detox, round two of Winter Renewal. I went back to some of your vids to really get a clear understanding of how to launch a program and I used your email sequence in my own style.

My first launch, I wished for 100 people to cleanse with me and got 130! I’m going for 300 next time. Nathalie, really, your launch program helped me reach my goal and beyond.
Lisa Consiglio Ryan,

“Now I feel super confident in designing my own launch!”

Launch it & profit laid out all the different moving pieces of a launch in a really simple way. All those overwhelming questions that can make launching feel impossible – what steps do I take? what order do I take them in? – were answered. After taking the course, I feel super confident in designing and executing my own launch plan!

Sonja Jobson,

“I’m so glad I hired Nathalie to streamline my biggest launch yet!”

Nathalie freaking rocks! I feel so secure with her by my side, and after just one of our 30 minute follow up calls I got the clarity I needed around my launch so I could sleep soundly again. Nathalie is fast, creative, and she KNOWS her stuff… not to mention that she’s really fun to work with.

She was able to tap into my nitty gritty technical questions in no time, and she also helped me set the tone for the overall technical structure of my upcoming launch. She even gave me some tips for my site’s design, which I am incorporating now. She taught me how to structure my affiliate system, and how to automate some of the manual labor involved in a launch, which saved me so much time and money.

I cannot recommend her enough, and I’m so glad I hired Nathalie to streamline my biggest launch yet!

Gry Sinding,

“The best business decision I’ve made so far.”

It only took a few minutes exploring Nathalie’s site for me to be convinced this was the help I desperately needed to help create and launch my online business. I hesitated only a second when I saw the initial price for an in-depth consultation before thinking “what the heck” and hitting buy. It was the best business decision I’ve made so far.

It would have been hard to believe before my call with Nathalie how much two hours could accelerate my business. In this short time she helped me layout the navigation for my website, create a launch plan for my first online product, review my draft sales letter and connect me to the amazing network of suppliers I needed to make my dreams a reality. It would have taken my weeks, if not months, of trawling across the web to have pieced this together by myself and even then I doubt I could have found half the wonderful people and resources she connected me to in one click. To say it was worth every cent is an understatement. It was worth much more and I’ll have no hesitation on calling on her again and again.

Michelle McQuaid,

“You gave me the framework and put me in the state of mind to actually launch!”

This course went beyond just launching, and deep into business, too. The sales page reviews were great.

I’d recommend Launch It and Profit to others, and I was surprised with the amount of info and unique Nathalie goodness in the program.

Oh, and the Off The Charts Live ticket made it a real deal (and I’m saying that although I couldn’t go…)!

Monicka Clio Sakki,

“My Income Has More Than Doubled Since Hiring Nathalie!”

Nathalie sky-rocketed my online presence to include a site that is easy to update, a mailing list that is on automatic, and tons of time-savers and data-base builders – all within a few weeks!

Nathalie is such a pro at explaining all the techy stuff in a simple way that I can understand. If it wasn’t for her, I’d still be stuck and pulling my hair out regarding anything tech-related.

Christa Meola,

“Nathalie blew me away with her ability to put herself into the minds and hearts of my visitors.”

I booked my website optimization session with you because I wanted a fresh perspective from a professional whose aesthetic and vision I like very much. The look and feel of my website are an essential part of my business’s presence in the world and I wanted someone who could evaluate the ecology of my site as a whole.

Our session was so rich – both practical and meaningful. Your empathy and integrity made it easy for me to trust you. You understood my vision of my website as a place where people feel welcome, at home, and truly supported in their journey.

You blew me away with your ability to put yourself into the minds and hearts of the folks who visit my site, and with your skillful and practical ideas for how to make my website more helpful to them, and easier to navigate.

I was also astonished at the depth of work you had done to prepare for our session. You were familiar with every page of my website, and gave me several pages worth of useful analysis about what was working well, and what needed to be refined or reshaped. You also offered brilliant suggestions for ways to create community and connection through Facebook, which would not have happened without you.

Hiro Boga,

“Before hiring Nathalie I had no idea what was involved in launching an online course.”

I was a little hesitant to invest in a Deep Dive Session with Nathalie. Wow! Am I ever glad that I did! I was clueless and I had no idea what was involved in launching an online course.

Nathalie gave us the tools to map out everything we needed to know in advance so we could prepare accordingly. She is detail oriented, full of wisdom and patient. She was readily available answer all of our questions! Our launch has definitely been a learning experience and I honestly don’t think this would have happened without her! I would definitely hire Nathalie!

Tracy Matthews,

“Nathalie Is a Lifesaver and a Tech Angel!”

Nathalie just gets it! The ins and outs of technology for any business can be complex. Knowing what you want and how to implement it are two completely different things. Each time that I work with Nathalie she completely understands what I’m trying to achieve and creates a concrete action plan that I can share with my team.

She makes what I know in my head sound super smooth and has solid advice on how to leverage your business for increased sales, traffic and conversion. She’s a lifesaver and a tech angel that is indispensible to any business operating online.

Rachel Faith,

“Nathalie Goes Above and Beyond and She Truly Cares About Your Business and Your Success.”

I would highly recommend working with Nathalie because she truly cares about your business and your success. She’ll check in above and beyond what she offers and the entire experience with her is very personalized. I wish I could keep working with her!

Catherine Chen,

“Nathalie Tailors her Treasure-trove of Expertise to Custom-fit Your Business Objectives.”

Knowing Nathalie was in my corner and sincerely believed in me gave me the confidence to believe in myself and follow though.

Nathalie is brilliant! She’s a treasure of incredibly comprehensive knowledge in both online marketing and business building as well as technology that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

You’ll save invaluable time and money by working with Nathalie. Nathalie hones right in on the needs of your business and gives you clear direction so that you find your groove without wasting time on unnecessary busy work that leads nowhere.

Heidi Brockmyre,

“I have the keys to the kingdom and am totally confident.”

I absolutely recommend Nathalie’s courses to other business owners! Especially those just starting, or who tried launching something and were not successful. I have seen so many other entrepreneurs not succeed through their launches, trying to guess how it is all put together. I, however, feel like I have the keys to the kingdom and am totally confident thanks to Nathalie.

For me the most valuable part of the program is Nathalie’s specific formula from her experience of a timeline and the steps needed as well as her simple tech how-to’s, which are dumbed down enough so that I can use them, so I don’t need to hire this part out!

Aimee Prezzano,

“I wasn’t sure I could launch a program on my own, but I did it!”

Nathalie’s course helped me overcome my launch hesitations, and I was able to launch my own digital program! For me the most valuable parts were the tutorials of the different services, especially choosing which one. Loved it!

Jessica Kupferman,

“I knew Nathalie would deliver!”

I didn’t have any hesitations about signing up. Nathalie has a formidable amount of free training on her web site, and I knew that this training would deliver. Nathalie has trained with Marie Forleo, a renowned business coach, so I knew anything she put out would be great.

The fact that Nathalie SHOWS us how to do everything using her screen is awesome. The live sessions are worth every penny and more!

Purna Bhattacharya,

“This gave me a “behind the scenes” look into launching a product!”

I loved how you structured the information – there were overall guidelines as well as different options depending on where you were in your business. Really clear and to the point. I also found it incredibly useful to hear short characteristics and basic capabilities of different software.

You managed to turn an amorphous and challenging to grasp concept (I’m talking about how launches seemed to me before taking your course) into a very clear structure and even repeatable system. That was brilliant!

Your program provided us with fundamental tools and a plan of action ready for execution. It also saved us from many mistakes that we would have to learn from hard way.

Natasha Vorompiova,

“I can’t believe I set everything up myself!”

As always, your videos are easy to follow and very clear. I also like that they aren’t too long so each step is digestible. Before I bought your product and was thinking about creating an info product, I felt SO overwhelmed and it felt like I needed to shell out big bucks for a tech person to do all these “secret” things that I don’t know how to do. So following your videos gives me a huge sense of accomplishment, “yay I can’t believe I did it myself!”

Heather Pierce,